NAVILEO addresses the specific requirements of the New Space market, bridging the gap between today’s low-end and high-end GNSS space receiver solutions, and offering a high performance, autonomous, state-of-the-art navigation solution at an affordable price for single spacecraft or large constellations.
Based on state of the art COTS hardware, NAVILEO offers high performance by processing two constellations (GPS and Galileo) and two frequencies (L1/E1 and L5/E5a), and implementing an on-board orbital filter.
  • Multi-GNSS and multi-frequencies
  • High sensitivity acquisition and tracking engines
  • Supports both passive and active antennas
  • Iono-free combination processing
  • On-board orbital propagator for improved performance and reliability
  • Typical LEO real-time position and velocity accuracy : < 1m and <3 cm/s (3D rms)
  • Rad-tolerant COTS EEE components
  • In-flight FW/SW upgradability
  • ITAR free solution
  • Highly customizable and compact design
In the future, NAVILEO will also propose an on-board Precise Orbit Determination solution achieving sub-decimeter positioning accuracy, as well as a super-high sensitivity version compatible for Moon-transfer-orbit and lunar-orbit missions. Syderal Swiss has recently awarded an ESA NAVISP project to design a GNSS receiver prototype (based on NAVILEO architecture) for a potential future flight demonstrator in lunar orbit.  More info here.
Download here the datasheet of the equipement.