Expandable Single Board Computer (ESBC)

The Expandable Single Board Computer (ESBC) is designed for a wide variety of on-board spacecraft applications, in particular for the New Space market. By using carefully selected and tested COTS electronic components, SYDERAL SWISS can offer a powerful and reliable processing solution, at a competitive price.

Possible applications of the ESBC include: on-board computers, integrated avionics, payload data handling units, instrument control units, hosted payload interface units, and more.

Expandable Single Board Computer (ESBC)

Main features:

Powerful: high performance processing, TM/TC management, 2 GB of processing memory, 1 Tb of non-volatile data storage, high speed data bus and Ethernet, CAN, RS-422, SpaceWire and MIL-1553 interfaces

Expandable: two or more ESBC cards can be interconnected by a backplane to increase processing power, data storage and reliability, as needed

Customizable: the mezzanine connector allows the addition of custom designed electronics and functions, to fulfil almost any mission requirements

Versatile: in-flight FW/SW upgradability and dynamic FPGA dynamic reconfiguration

Reliable: radiation hardened supervision components and an innovative architecture enable failure detection and in-flight ESBC reconfiguration, to increase reliability and allow elegant degradation in case of component failure (reduced performance without loss of critical function)

Please contact us for more detailed specifications, budgets and performances of the ESBC.